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Ellen Tinkham Build

The build at Ellen Tinkham School in Exeter was exceptional for many reasons, particularly the relationship of co-creation we developed with the students.

The majority of the students at Ellen Tinkham are on the Autistic spectrum, each student we worked with bought their own particular skills which positively challenged the team, allowing us opportunity to refine our skills.

A special Thank you to Tom Bates (the resident Rural Skills manager) for your heart felt hospitality, you are an inspiration to us all! (if not anything else we will try and keep our tools just that bit sharper after seeing how you keep yours!) As a gift to you and all the lovely people at Ellen Tinkham we created a little extra… some art work for you benches. We hope you all enjoy using your well deserved structure. There will be more pictures to follow but here is a taster….

1412742_486130568169609_96079268_o 1404737_486130911502908_1198884138_o 739950_486130761502923_1953241137_o

 1391718_484212915028041_991463152_n 885255_484212565028076_1638175824_o 886125_486131578169508_1015573458_o 1175345_447723748676958_843170631_n