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Byway Woods

The Tanglewood Project home base is Byway Woods near Bickleigh in Mid Devon. This 100 acre wood and meadowland belongs to the Greenslade family.

Gallery images by Juliet Prentice

When we met John Greenslade otherwise known as; ‘Farmer John’ (MBE) and walked his incredible woods and the meadows which he and his family have spent the last 30 years planting and nurturing. We at Tanglewood never imagined we would be so lucky to be able to call such a magical place our home. the Greenslades have created a dynamic natural environment which attracts a host of wildlife. The woodland ranges from ancient oaks to open meadows.

Sadly in the summer of 2013 we discovered that we had Ash dieback the first confirmed case in Devon. with two diggers we spent hours digging up 1500 young Ash trees which were then burned. We have since had the support of Petroc College in replanting the trees with a range of different species.  This was just the start.  Since this initial summer, hundreds of trees have been removed and replanting continues.

Due to the Greenslades visionary approach to creating a balanced and diverse ecosystem it has allowed the impact to be minimal, as throughout the woodland Ash was planted in small pockets. Unlike commercial woodland which often block plants large areas.

Byway Woods amongst the activities we offer, has become an educational and research site for abourists and scientists from across the region unfortunately for the wrong reasons!  Now we have seen the damage this disease has done to our trees we worry for the future of all Ash trees in the UK



We are just about to build our first low impact educational structure on site which will stay up year round….. Watch this space!